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“Making your Mini Experience Hugely Satisfying!”

I started this experiment over three years ago….I took the usual “used car dealer” path of offering a mix bag of affordable vanilla transportation to attract broad swath of customers.  I hated it, I hated buying soulless cars and just as much selling them especially since cars for me are a passion.

So almost a year ago I decided to specialize on next gen Mini Coopers.  Why?  Do Minis embody the epitome of car passion, well as a purist I will have to say maybe not.  That said, they are a hoot to drive especially the JCW, their heritage is above reproach (gen 1), but more importantly, it’s the first car I drove (’69 Mini woody, in England), first car I owned (’76 Clubman, in France), it’s the only car my mom drove (last one she owned was 2010 Cooper Clubman), so I have an emotional attachment.

So I have decide to focus only on Gen 2 Mini coopers, mostly R56 in the $10K and below range.  While they are great cars that are a blast to drive,  I am acutely familiar with the niggles associated with this model, I have replaced many timing chains and rebuilt heads and willing provide support so that your Mini experience is hugely satisfying!