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Credit concerns? Regardless of credit score or history we have financing that’s right for every situation! We offer a broad range of financing options including in-house financing….

LOL, ¬†I copied this off another website back in May 2014 and modified it so it wouldn’t be copyright infringement ūüôā

Reality check, it’s complete BS, most (all) in-house financing dealers prey on the credit “deficient” so they can sell¬†cars above¬†above NADA (Google search) at credit busting rates where a $5K¬†car will cost you $12-15K…. I am not kidding and if you dare to slip a few days from the due day expect the tow truck to yank your prized possession out of your driveway and ship back to the dealer lot for the next sucker’s down payment…trust me been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the action figurines…(unlike the other guys, I sucked at it because I gave everyone a pass including the ones that didn’t deserve it).

I have personal connection with the cars I sell especially the Minis (goes back to my childhood), I know it’s weird. ¬†I don’t do volume, I build experiences…I find the car, go over it, clean it, drive it, fix it, buff it, tweak it, repair it…. So since it’s personal¬†I am changing my¬†Buy Here Pay Here financing criteria to the following:

  1. You need to be in love¬†with¬†the car…like love it as much as your first born or girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/partner/dog and be willing to trade for them.
  2. You need to be willing to sleep in it to demonstrate your love (sleeping with it it kinda hard…I am sure some pervs think otherwise but they are disqualified) or at least consider it…it’s better than a couch or park bench, trust me!
  3. You need money and proof that you have a regularly income stream…yes I know that sounds weird but don’t call me asking if you can drive off the lot with one of my babies with just loose change from your triple mocha frappuccino from Starbucks…to quote Jerry: SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!
  4. ¬†You need to be able to afford insurance so it is taken care of in case of a mishap…btw, not referring to life insurance (cars are not dependents so can’t inherit your estate….as least not according to the IRS, don’t ask how I know)
  5. You need to work on your car relationship, in addition to the monthly “car support”, you will need to invest in the¬†relationship with regular washes and preventive maintenance. ¬†Remember Happy Car, Happy Life!
  6. I am willing to help with #5…if only to keep an eye on my baby…

Legal Stuff:  All residents not holding a current Texas dealer license must pay tax, title, and license fees in addition to the prices listed. All out of state customers without a valid motor vehicles dealer’s license from their home state are exempt from Texas sales tax but must pay Vehicle Inventory Tax (as of January 1, 2014: .2277% or $22.77 per $10,000).