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Guero's Auto Sales

About “Mini Cooper Mart” In light of Covid-19 ,aka SARS 2.0, I am changing basic business practices and only showing cars by appointments. I have met a lot of nice folks in the last few years and am glad to call most customers, but I also have interacted with what I call "bored and have nothing better to do let's go test drive cars that I have not intent on buying" subset. Usually I didn't mind (helps recharge the car batteries), but it these weird times I would like to avoid such interactions. As such, I will be glad to give you the key to any cars that I have, but I will not allow casual drop in without appointments.... sorry it's best for everyone - trust me (yeah I know sounds weird considering I am technically a used car salesman...but my real job is actually healthcare related so bare with me)! So this is an opportunity to shed some light as to why I have this business. I started playing with cars at a tender age and always had the passion to drive and work on them. Hard work resulted in a fair level of success in another industry so decided to “invest” some of my earnings into the a used car dealership that business acquaintance owned…(dealing with a used car salesman what could possibly go wrong!!!) This was over six years ago. At the time it was exciting and fun. It did not turn out that way. Instead, it was an expensive and unsavory experience mostly because of basic values – I will leave it at that. As a majority owner (and the “bank”) I opted to fire my partner and was stuck with a business that I had little knowledge or experience… Fortunately, this business isn’t my primary source of income, but more a means to support my passion of playing with cars. I opted to focus on cars that I enjoy driving, racing and have character, vs. selling high volumes of generic transportation. So why MINIs? I grew up around Gen 1 MINIs. When we lived in England, my mom had a ’65 light blue woody (leaked and had weak 1st gear synchro), followed

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